Industrial motors and drives are the basic actuators in industrial automation. We offer DC motors, alternators, step motors, servo motors.

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  • DC Motors
    DC motors are characterized by high torque. The manufacturers like Maxon, Faulhaber, Vexta, so the engines are characterized by a high working culture. In our offer there are both brush motors - equipped with mechanical commutator as well as BLDC brushless motors, which have a greater range of speed. They have better torque characteristics. DC motors are easy to control and highly resistant to unfavorable operating conditions. They are widely used in industrial automation.
  • Stepper motors

    Stepper motors are electric motors that are electrically impulse-driven, which causes the rotor to move at a fixed angle. The angle of rotation of the rotor depends on the type of motor. In our offer are bipolar motors (4 leads) and unipolar (5 or 6 leads). We have engines of different power and torque. Widely used in automation - for regulating, measuring and control devices.

  • Servo

    Servo drives are actuators used in automation. They operate in a closed-loop feedback loop. They consist mostly of a servo motor, a controller and an encoder as a feedback element. In this category we offer servo motors. On our website are also available other servo motors - ie drivers and encoders (for motors without built-in encoder). In our offer we have servo motors AC with high precision control. These are high-performance brushless servo motors for alternating current.